Grocery Stores & FT RV Traveling

Grocery Stores & FT RV Traveling

Grocery Stores

The two big chain grocery stores in Maine are Hannaford and Shaws.  When you leave New England, you leave both of these chains behind.  If you are fortunate, you live close to an amazing little store like Food City in Wilton.  Excellent cuts of meat and a great selection of GF foods.

When we travel, one of our favorite activities is to shop new chains and find small grocery stores. A bit banal for a blog post you think?  Well, consider how many times you grocery shop in a month.  Now divide your refrigerator into thirds, and just take one-third, which is now the size of your refrigerator.  Throw in a couple tweens with healthy appetites, and imagine you have no drinking water coming out of your faucet.  Now you can see why this post is high on my list of things to think and write about.

Big Chain Grocery Stores

Krogers, Meijers, and Ingles were the large chain stores in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennesse, and western N. C.  I believe we now have loyalty cards from each one. When you hit a large Krogers, it also has a full-scale beauty and health section, and clothes.  It’s a bit like Walmart but carries different brands.

Smaller Grocery Stores

When we headed into S.C & Georgia, we discovered The Fresh Market and Lucky’s.  The Fresh Market would be my almost-sister-in-law’s favorite  store.  It is like the Harry and David of grocery stores.  Every display is perfect, the fruit glistens, and high-end products — like I’ve only seen in glossy ads — are available. It was so much fun to walk the aisles and look at brands, but we walked out with just $7.00 worth of goods as it was very expensive.

Lucky’s Market  is the stand out winner for our family.  It offers quality prepared foods, organic produce and dairy, and a health & beauty section to rival Whole Foods.  There was live music as we walked through the doors, and they offer Sip & Stroll while you shop. There are a couple members of my family who would appreciate this!  There is a home goods (baskets, candles, decorations) section with products made in America and in fourth-world nations — for which a sustainable wage is paid.

I bought two banners made from Kantha fabric that now hang in the RV helping it to feel a bit more homey.  Truly, this store had me at the warm stuffed grape leaves. . .

Other Grocery Stores We’ve Noticed

Dollar General is taking over the landscape.  It is everywhere.  There are  often two or three of them outlying urban areas.  Family Dollar is a close second in terms of appearing on most highways into the cities.  We haven’t seen many little Mom & Pop stores, which is so sad.  We had hoped to step into stores that tell about the community, but the big and little box stores have definitely taken over the landscape.

In Florida, we shop at Publix and Winn Dixie — both are big chains.  I’m off to stock up on snacks, water, and coffee creamer, and I feel a couple more loyalty cards will be added to our collection.

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